EVERYDAY BRIDE: 8 Not-So-Obvious Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Venue

Feb 16, 2023

Excerpt from Article:

Parking & Transportation

Unless you’re renting a shuttle or party bus for transportation, you can expect most of your guests to arrive by car. But if parking is inconvenient or costly, it can put a damper on your guests’ experience even before they arrive at the ceremony.

“Couples should ensure ample parking for their guests and that it’s conveniently located,” explains Jeri Solomon of Real Deal Wedding Insiders®. “If there is an additional parking fee, they should know what it is and know if it is affordable for their guests.”

With that said, Solomon assures us that there are alternative solutions if the perfect venue has a less-than-perfect parking situation. “Couples may want to ask if there is an option to cover parking for their guests and will need to know that cost to add to their wedding budget,” she says. “Sometimes, the parking is a distance from the venue, in which case, they may need valet service, which will also mean extra costs for the couple or their guests.”

When touring potential venues, ask to see the parking lot and pay attention to its proximity to the event space. If parking is offsite, inquire about shuttles or nearby garages. Venue managers should have plenty of insight to share from past events.

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