GIRLTALK HQ: The Five REAL DEAL Truths Of Planning A Wedding, From The Real Deal Wedding Insiders®

Sep 7, 2023

Excerpt from Article:

 The following is an excerpt from Edna Dratch-Parker & Jeri Solomon’s new book, “Guide to Smart Wedding Planning. Wedding season is in full swing for another year. With over 30 years in the industry, Edna Dratch-Parker and Jeri Solomon, the Real Deal Wedding Insiders® and authors of GUIDE TO SMART WEDDING PLANNING, have seen all the mistakes couples make on their wedding day. In their new book, Edna and Jeri talk about the most common mistakes and how couples can avoid them to make sure they have the best day possible. 

Brides get a bad rap. Maybe it’s Hollywood or reality TV shows, but the tired cliché of the demanding “Bridezilla” is widespread in our culture. Sure, some brides can be incredibly difficult, but the “Bridezilla” mentality is not limited to the bride. “Zillas” are gender-neutral and come in all shapes and sizes. No one is immune. 

1. Weddings Bring Out the “Zilla” In Everyone

You’ll quickly learn (maybe you already have) that everyone has opinions and ideas about what’s best for you. You’ll want to stay focused on what is right for you and your partner.

Planning is not going to be a smooth process. For instance, you may think you’re arguing about flowers but at the root of the fight are some unresolved issues that have been plaguing your family for years. Weddings bring out both the best and worst in people because weddings are emotional—really emotional—and many long-dormant issues can suddenly resurface. 

Luckily, if you keep a cool head and try to see others’ perspectives, you can avoid the pitfalls of the overzealous Zilla—even your own inner Zilla! 

Maybe you’re thinking, But I’m not like that. I would never get that emotional. Some couples manage to keep the drama at a minimum. But it’s always easier to watch—and judge—from afar. When it’s your wedding at stake, it’s a whole different ball game. Often people you thought you knew intimately start acting like strangers, behaving in ways you never saw coming. Nothing about wedding planning is as simple or straightforward as you believed it would be. 

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