GOOD SHUFFLE PRO: How To Talk Budget With Event Clients

Sep 7, 2023

Excerpt from Article:

Provide Crystal Clear Pricing

People only like mysteries in the movie theater, so save the subtleties and offer complete transparency with your pricing.

Merri’s Randi Bushell reveals that “it’s best to SHOW (not tell) clients what they can expect within certain budget ranges.” She encourages event pros to “paint multiple pictures for low, middle, and high price point options,” highlighting areas to splurge or skimp to fit the budget. “If they understand the impact on the big picture, then they’ll be able to make better and faster decisions,” she says.

Regardless of how a client may react to pricing, transparency is always the answer. “An educated customer will understand the value of your product or service and be more willing to pay for it,” confirms Jeri Solomon of Real Deal Wedding Insiders.

On the other hand, those who don’t respect your pricing or have unrealistic budget expectations are not your ideal customers. Open, honest conversations about money allow you and your clients to stay on the same page while planning, so don’t leave anything to guesswork!

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