PERFETE: Newly Engaged? These Are Your First Must-Do’s for Your 2023 Wedding

Feb 7, 2023

Excerpt from Article:

Work on your guest list

Before deciding on a venue or vendors, you must have an  anticipated headcount. It doesn’t need to be precise, but a ballpark  estimate will help you make the best decisions for your wedding. So  before signing any dotted lines, prioritize your guest list and consider  who you want with you on your big day.

Jeri Solomon, co-author of Guide to Smart Wedding Planning,  recommends “building two guest lists. The first list is the Wish List.  That’s everyone you (and your parents if they are part of the process)  want to have. The second list is the Non-Negotiable List. This one is  for everyone you must have, either because it is a requirement or they  are part of your inner circle and you can’t imagine a wedding without  them there. Having those two lists will then inform your budget and  venue choices.”

Though it’s not as glamorous, determining your guest list  will allow you to choose vendors that can best bring your vision to  life.

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