SOUTHWEST WED: 11 Tips for Planning an Out-of-State Wedding

Dec 9, 2022

Excerpt from Article:

In some areas, most vendors will have experience working with popular venues and understand how a wedding day is supposed to flow. When you can’t be boots on the ground, having local vendors in your corner will make all the difference. 

Edna Dratch-Parker of Real Deal Wedding Insiders shares, “It helps to work with vendors local to the area of the venue. Some vendors are ok to bring from your home base, but there are a lot of nuances to working with vendors who know your venue well. For example, if you bring your florist from your hometown (because you just love them) to a property they have never worked, they may not understand the load-in and load-out of this venue. Problems can occur, and this could run into scheduling issues for the setup and the start of the reception.”

Do some research and talk to your venue about local vendors they know and trust.

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