WEDDING CHICKS: How Much Wedding Signage Do You Really Need?

Sep 7, 2023

Excerpt from Article:

Pick a seat, not a side. Welcome to our forever. All because two people fell in love. Wedding signage has grown from a thoughtful day-of addition to a must-have for communicating details. And with signage serving double duty as decor, it’s an excellent way for couples to express their personalities during the celebration.

From chalkboards to acrylic sheets, the design opportunities for wedding day signage are virtually endless. But with so many ideas and options, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with many unnecessary signs.

“Wedding signage can be a lot of fun and really add to the couple’s design, decor, and overall aesthetics,” confirms Edna Dratch-Parker, co-author of Guide to Smart Wedding Planning. But she quickly notes that “it’s easy to put signs everywhere, but signs that instruct or share information are the most important.”

So while signage is useful for logistics and design, aim for a balance that supports the guest experience without creating information overload. Here are some examples of wedding day signs that are worth consideration.

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